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Maria Dolores

Necklace Arcobaleno

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The iconic Arcobaleno necklace by Maria Dolores is a long 18k gold scapulary cut with a modern edge. Its two pendants boast an irregular metal arch in the shape of a deconstructed rainbow enamelled in Caramel with three natural gems: Rhodochrosite, Green Quartz, and Tiger's Eye. Natural Red Dolomite and Beige Feldspar stones complete the look, each shown in square and uneven shapes.

The second charm on the other end is composed of a natural Yellow Feldspar stone shaped like a raindrop with metal detail to promote unique sparkle.

The scapulary necklace is a versatile piece that can be worn in different ways, either long or short, according to your outfit and creativity. The perfect choice for your outfit on this pastel palette that has the power to light up your summery looks.

Drop Pendant Size: 1.06 x 0.78in (2.7 x 2.0cm)
Bow Pendant:  1.4 x 0.59in (3.6 x 1.5cm)
Chain: 46cm
Weight: 14g